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About After School Coding Club

Hello and welcome to our site! We're so glad you stopped by. Our goal here at After School Coding Club is to provide a fun home base where budding coders can come to learn how to create their first computer programs. Through fun and engaging lessons, we help young learners take their first steps on into the wonderful world of computer programming.

Through our teacher portal teachers, students and parents alike can access detailed step-by-step lessons to learn integral coding concepts, all while having fun building beautiful animations.

So come on in, have a look around, and stay awhile. And if you have any thoughts about how we can make our site and products even more engaging and fun, please let us know.

Guess what?! - we just published our first book!

We are so excited to share that we have published our very first book! This first publication includes five fully described, step-by-step lessons that teach a new coder fundamental computer programming principles. The lessons are super informative, all while allowing students to create interactive animations that provide hours of creativity and fun. Check it out!


Are you a Teacher looking for simple step-by-step lessons for young learners?

The After School Coding Club has a large repository of examples that you can draw from to help plan your teaching periods. Some lessons are quite involved and provide detailed introductions to programming concepts, while others are simple and easy, to peak your young learners' interest and give them a springboard for creating their own, more involved scripts. Whatever you're looking for, we have something to help you plan your coding sections. Check our our Teacher Portal for more details!


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